About Us

Remember Your Light. A Soul-conscious brand.

Not known to many (but now going out to the world as i launch this), 2021 was very strange, exceptionally tough -- finding me intensely dysregulated and drowning in anxiety. It came quietly but in full force -- planting me on a terrain so complex and alien, my body was either trembling, in a constant state of weeping, or coming up for air. At one point, I tipped the scales at only 100lbs (I am five foot nine). On a daily basis, I was seriously convinced I wouldn't survive.

True to some learned "nature", I tried to hold sway over the whole thing and find a fix-all. From doctor-shopping to going overboard with Google consults, the more I tried and was harder on myself, the more elusive healing became. Somehow, I have neglected my inner knowing, the gift of guidance that's always been there. I have forgotten that my body knows how to heal itself and that true healing only happens when you take mind, body, and spirit. It seemed like I didn't learn anything despite being on this path for years. One day, though, it started to unfold. The way. Not out, but through.

I cannot possibly tell the entire story here on this About Us box, but I have carefully tucked into the many corners of this platform the lessons I have learned and continue to learn. I hope you look closely and find warmth in the love letters i write to the kindred souls who have offered me their solace and wisdom. I hope there is a spark somewhere, through the messaging, to embrace your journey and celebrate the beauty of remembering.

Remember Your Light is an ode to the precious gift of unlearning, learning, and re-discovering your soul. It is a lifelong wearable narrative of gratitude, strength of spirit, and lessons learned. Join me in wearing these stories -- reminders that, in embracing and honoring this profound and interconnected human experience, you are always guided to remember your light.

Audrey Dimarucot